"The future is unwritten." -Joe Strummer

Evoking a feeling of discomfort, wonder, horror, and/or intrigue. That is the goal I set forth in creating the images that illustrate a story in which can only exist in that one moment - the moment of tension and truth.

As a survivor of an abusive past, visual story telling became my outlet. Reflecting on my world, I envision an alternate reality – either doomed or filled with false hope, or even a cynical sense of beauty. The visions of characters that come into my mind are what I call to manifest in an image. I create the world in either digital or physical set form, and place my characters within, to give a glimpse of the horrors of control and helplessness of oppression, or a world far removed from it all.

Kristen Grundy is an American photographer who brings into creation dreams and nightmares, as well as the horrific slices of life. The initial passion for photography developed in the mid 90’s, shooting punk shows on black and white film - which also influenced her as a musician. However, a dark many years of being trapped in an abusive relationship taught her to channel her inner turmoil into visuals portraying timeless themes of entrapment, betrayal, manipulation, loneliness, fear, and intimidation - by using digital photography and filmmaking. Currently she has teamed up with her partner in art crime, Dave Glass, forming DAWN 1111 (Eleven Eleven) Studios, which offers freelance illustration and photography services, and exhibits as a collective. 

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